AEM Boost Controller Gauge Boost Control Solenoid Kit

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5 bar MAP sensor for misc tuning/turbo use. 2011 is the year for going over 30 PSI of boost. Make sure your ECU knows you're running that much boost! Compatible with all engine management and tuning devices requiring the use of a 5 bar MAP sensor. Direct drop-in replacement for setups already harnessed for an AEM 5 bar MAP (direct replacement). Also option connector is available to convert your GM (3 bar style) plug to an AEM style plug to accept this 5 bar MAP sensor so you don't have to redo your existing plug on your harness.

Detects up to 58.8 PSI boost gauge pressure

These AEM Electronics boost control solenoid kits will not degrade rich fuel mixtures like most common boost control solenoids. This will significantly extend life and eliminate the chance of sticking from contamination. They are pressure-tested to an amazing 100 psi and will not leak. AEM Electronics boost control solenoid kits include -4 AN fittings so that you can securely attach wastegate lines without worrying about leaking at the connection. AEM also includes the barb-style hose fittings where push-on fittings are required.