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V-Band Pipe Short Leg 90 Degree w/ V-Band Clamp


Modular V-Band Pipe 90 Degree (Short Leg) 90 Degree Stainless mandrel bent module with V band flanges on both ends. 0" Leg and 6" leg, 3" Center line Radius. 1 V-band clamp included.

  • To the top of the pipe, it's 10-7/8".  To the top of the flange, it's 11.25"
  • distance of the bent  5.75"
  • 6.5" total length for long side.
  • distance from v-band to back of pipe on the zero leg 4.5"
  • V band flange spec: outer dia. 95mm/3.75" and inner dia. 75mm/3.0"
  • Flange material: Stainless steel


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  • Warranty: One year
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