DeatschWerks DW Fuel Pumps Electric In-tank 265 LPH

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DeatschWerks Fuel Pumps

DeatschWerks fuel pumps are manufactured for competition use, providing high-powered, in-tank fuel flow for your application. These high-quality fuel pumps feature a quiet, reliable turbine impeller—and are designed and tested for compatibility with gasoline and ethanol fuels. Each DeatschWerks fuel pump is also tested to be within specifications for flow, PRV activation, and amperage draw. DeatschWerks fuel pumps are offered in a variety of flow rates to meet your performance needs.

Manufacturer's Part Number:9-651-1009
Part Type:Fuel Pumps
Product Line:DeatschWerks Fuel Pumps
Fuel Pump Type:Electric In-tank
Fuel Pump Voltage:12 V
Flow Rate:70 gph/265 lph
Fuel Pressure (psi):100 psi
Fuel Pressure Regulator Included:No
Sending Unit Included:No
Fuel Pump Inlet Size:11.00mm
Inlet Quantity:One
Inlet Attachment:Hose barb
Fuel Pump Outlet Size:5/16 in.
Outlet Quantity:One
Outlet Attachment:Hose barb
Gasket Included:No
Wiring Harness Included:No
Mounting Bracket Included:No
Mounting Hardware Included:No
Pulley Included:No
Notes:Must reuse your fuel pump sending unit.