GReddy Shift Knob Anodized Blue 45mm Dia.SUS 304, Ball Type

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GReddy Shift Knob

Anodized Blue

45mm Dia.

Compatible with most Japanese manual transmissions
(with included inserts)

GReddy SUS Shift Knob - Blue Anodized over Polished Stainless-steel
Finish: Polished
    Style: Ball Type
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Size: 45mm Dia.
    Weight: 363grams (.80lbs)

3 Included Threaded Adapters :
    YELLOW   M10 x P1.25  - most Nis, Inf, Mit, & Maz
    TEAL         M10 x P1.5   - most Hon & Acu
    BLUE        M12 x P1.25  - most Toy, Lex, Sci, & Sub

Optimized for ergonomic comfort and weighted for driving feel GReddy 304 stainless steel shift knobs, are designed precise gear changes. The Sphere shaped ball design measures 45mm in diameter, 55mm tall, with a 13mm tall, 25mm dia. base. The material, size and shape allows this compact shift knob to weigh a lofty 363g (.80lbs.) This benefits the driving feel by counter-weighting the shift lever.

Each GReddy CNC Stainless Shift Knob includes 3 of the most common thread sizes inserts to suit most Japanese manual transmission shifters. They are color coded in the GReddy corporate colors: Yellow, Teal and Blue.
Compatible with 5 and 6 speeds with various gate patterns.